The Alien Odyssey: Year Zero Engine

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The Alien Odyssey: Year Zero Engine

The Alien Odyssey: Year Zero Engine

The Alien Odyssey is an opportunity to play through The Alien Cinematic series, Starting with 'The Chariot of the Gods' and then onwards through the series. The first scenario will be played using pre-gen characters and then moving on from there the players will have the option to make their own characters or use the pre-gen's that are provided with each scenario or a mix of both.

The game will be played using the 'Year Zero Engine' which is a D6 dice pool system, leaning heavily into narrative story play and personal agenda development. I am aware that for some this may be a new system, however, I am happy to offer pre-game assistance to players who may want an initial heads-up before the game.

This game is based in the Alien universe, however no previous knowledge of Alien films, books or graphic novels is required to participate, just a clear recognition that although The Alien universe is a brutal cold and unwelcoming place, and of course 'In Space no one can hear you scream', due to the Adult content of the game environment there will be a strong emphasis on session zero safety tools, as Safe playing space needs to be maintained, even as the Character you thought was your life long bubby betrays you and leaves you to the tender mercy of a hungry Xenomorph.

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