Tenebris Mortem

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Tenebris Mortem

Tenebris Mortem

Dearest Kindred, you have been cordially summoned to attend the prestigious Court of Mithras in London. Your esteemed Sire has been duly notified, and all necessary arrangements have been meticulously organized for your convenience. The Court carriage have been commissioned to collect you on the evening of 4th July 1199 at dusk, ensuring your timely and graceful arrival. A resolute reminder to maintain the utmost respect and decorum: it is advised that members of the Tremere clan refrain from attendance, as their presence is not welcomed. Should they attempt to defy this admonition, the consequence of their visit will be swift and lead to a state of Torpor, as per the decree of the revered Cain.

Vampire: Dark Ages 2nd Edition will be a deep political game set in the year 1199AD, not long after the death of Richard Cœur de Lion (Richard the Lionheart) and his brother John (Softsword) taking the throne. Players are welcome to play any of the vampire clans, apart from Tremere or bloodlines. There will be a session zero to establish expectations and boundaries, go over rules and create characters.

Please note you do not need to be a history boffin to play this game.

Content Warnings :
Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal)
Playing vampires, this game will also contain themes around blood.

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