Tales of the Old Margreve – D&D 5e

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Tales of the Old Margreve – D&D 5e

Tales of the Old Margreve – D&D 5e

The Old Margreve Forest – an ancient place, already old when the gods were young. It has cradled the great spirits of nature, and its loam felt the footfalls of the old ones. As millennia passed, its roots swallowed rivers, its canopy stole the sun from vast tracts of land, and its groves crested mountains that have since weathered to hills.

The forest has an antediluvian intelligence and natives know that the Margreve is quick to anger, slow to forgive, and will hold a grudge against oathbreakers like a powerful curse. The forest twists and leeches magic and lurking in its dark shadows are creatures unique to its grotesque nature.

We will play a series of strange and grotesque adventures, set entirely in the Old Margreve. If you like Grimm's Fairy Stories, Old Peter's Russian Tales, European folklore and have a healthy respect for old ladies who live in remote cottages, then this is for you.

We will use D&D 5e rules. You are welcome to bring your own 4th level character or I have appropriate pre-gen characters if you want to just sit down and play. (These are fresh adventures that haven't been run here before.)

Trigger warnings: I don't linger on injury detail because I am very squeamish but there may be spiders, midwives, undead, infestations and animated cottages. And of course, let me know if you have any phobia etc that I need to avoid.  

Accessibility: There is a ramp for wheelchair access through the side door of the Big Red and there is an accessible toilet.

Diary note: I won't be running on Tuesday 25 July.

Archway Branch: Find out more about us here.  

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