Tales from the Blackthorn Institute

Game Summary
Tales from the Blackthorn Institute

Tales from the Blackthorn Institute

The Premise

The Blackthorn Institute once stood as a bastion against the supernatural forces that threatened humanity. Tasked with securing and containing paranormal artefacts and creatures known as "anomalies", the Institute worked tirelessly to protect mankind from the worst of the horrors that dwelt amongst them. Rather than simply destroying these entities or recklessly hoarding them as so many other organisations would, the Institute captured anomalies wherever they could and studied them to see how these eldritch things could benefit the world.

But the Institute has fallen. The headquarters is in ruins, its resources destroyed, and its membership dead or scattered to the winds.
And it is up to you to rebuild it.

The characters
Your characters are newly inducted members of the Blackthorn Institute, specially recruited for their particular set of skills. Whether they are a keen researcher, scholar of the occult, former soldier or a criminal mastermind, the Blackthorn Institute is always on the lookout for talented individuals like yourselves to undertake its often dangerous work. However, rather than merely being a humble employee of the organisation, you have been hired to rebuild it from the ashes and restore it to its former glory. Of course, whether or not you choose to do that is entirely up to you...

All characters should be appropriate to a Victorian-era setting. All characters will initially start as normal humans with no supernatural powers, although there will be opportunities to develop these later on. We will be developing characters together during session 0 to ensure we have a well-balanced party with a rich shared history we can bring to the game. Zero prep of background is required and is positively encouraged.

Player choice
Tales from the Blackthorn Institute is intended to be a heavily player-driven game where your choices and consequences matter. You have been placed at the head of a very powerful organisation (if somewhat reduced in the status of late) and will have a controlling hand in its destiny. Not only that, but your characters will grow to become powerful and influential figures capable of making sweeping and drastic changes to the world around you. The story is going to be very much in your hands, and you are encouraged to participate in the world-building as we tell an epic tale.

What do I need?
I have all the books we need to play this game already, but if you want to read the rules ahead of time, then you could get a copy of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Rulebook from Pinnacle Entertainment, but that really isn't necessary. You may want to create a (free) account on the Savage Worlds web app, as it makes character creation and advancement significantly easier to manage. Link below:


Content Warnings :
Excessive or gratuitous violence
Tales fromt he Blackthorn institute is first and foremost a horror game, so expect dark and disturbing themes and gruesome imagery. We will be discussing lines and veils during the session 0.

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