Superheroes of FATE – Sunday Game

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Superheroes of FATE – Sunday Game

Superheroes of FATE – Sunday Game

Every day sees supervillains that require superheroes to keep them at bay. Now the Earth faces a threat like never before. A threat that has brought together the worlds most powerful people. You.

We will be playing a superhero RPG using the FATE system. We will be using a mixture of FATE Core, FATE Condensed and the Venture City rulebook. You don’t need to have read or own any of them, you’ll be able to pick it up as we play.

No prior knowledge of the system is necessary, nor do you need to bring your own dice (but feel free if you would like to.)

In session 0 we will create our heroes together. We’ll discover their origins, their strengths and weaknesses. We will create a world for them to live in. Together we will make the evil organisations that terrorise the cities and we will forge the world-threatening nemesis that your superteam will be trying to thwart.

FATE is a system that encourages collaborative storytelling. Not only will you be rolling dice and passing checks, but you’ll be creating story details in the same way a GM would. Together we will tell a story of how you saved, or tried to save, the world.

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