DND 5E Strixhaven Year 4

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DND 5E Strixhaven Year 4

DND 5E Strixhaven Year 4

Fourth year. Final year. Hopefully not your last living year. 

After 3 years of schemes and danger at Strixhaven University, you finally are tasked with the ultimate mission: take down Murgaxor. With your professors, romances and friends spurring you on it’s time to learn where this evil mage lives and take him down…before he can end life at the university…permanently. 

Think of it as your final thesis, one written in blood. Preferably mostly not yours. 

Characters to begin at level 8 with some level of magical ability! Only official published content for race/class please.

This adventure will run over 12 weeks. If you sign up, there is the expectation that you will attend for most of these sessions.

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