Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos (Year 2)

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Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos (Year 2)

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos (Year 2)

In your second year of study, the word around campus is that the renowned game of Mage Tower is back! An exciting game that students train and prepare for that comes around every 3 years and this could be the year for you and your team to take home the glory! You’ll choose your colleges; study new courses; take and possibly fail more exams; meet new friends and possibly more; learn to balance study and play with your part time jobs and extra-curricular clubs. Of course, there is still the strange worry that something else, someone else is still lurking backstage, waiting. Murgaxor, the strange mage you found journals from in your first year, who seems to want to take down Strixhaven may still very well be out there, somewhere. Strixhaven is a DND 5E game perfect for newcomers and experienced players alike! It’s a roleplay and social heavy game where you can explore and decide how you want your University experience to go. Players will be starting at level 4, please bring a character with some sort of tie to magic use, no homebrew creations only official published races and classes please. Note of warning: this game will have moments of solo  player-GM scenes as it’s an individualized game as much as a game for a whole party. As your GM I will take care to not let each scene go on for too long and will ensure each player gets their turn at the table but just a heads up! No trigger warnings of note but of course if anything happens in game just say the word and I will edit and change the situation if it ever makes anyone uncomfortable. Romantic relationships of any gender persuasion can be formed with NPCs in game if that is something you are interested in roleplaying in character. Or just build friendships and/or rivalries. Up to you!

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