Spire: The City Must Fall

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Spire: The City Must Fall

Spire: The City Must Fall

In Spire players take on the roles of secretive Dark Elf resistance agents. The eponymous city has been ruled by bizarre, decadent High Elves for generations, but some downtrodden Drow still plot to change things from the shadowy back alleys, bustling marketplaces, shining temples and occult subway stations of the Spire. The setting is broadly steampunk, influenced by Charles Dickens, Clive Barker and (occasionally) Terry Pratchett. Violence, murky moral choices and a dash of body horror are likely. Spire is a low crunch, narrative-driven game that's fairly easy for new players to pick up. For this campaign we'll begin with a session zero for character creation, and then i'll pull together a story and antagonists tailored to the players' character choices using the game's Conspiracy Kit for GMs.

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