[ Spire ] Ironshrike

Game Summary
[ Spire ] Ironshrike

[ Spire ] Ironshrike

CN: drug use + addiction, body modification, body horror + cannibalism, poverty + homelessness.   Deep in Derelictus, below and behind the questionable delights of Threadneedle Square and the dangers of Red Row, somewhere close to the rotting heart of Spire itself, is Ironshrike: the last market before you hit rock bottom.   Here, the desperate and the doomed sell what junk they can find for enough silver to stay alive for one more day. Hundreds of souls struggle against each other, hauling themselves up on the backs of others before they are dragged down again.   If anyone is benefiting from the ceaseless struggle, it is not the denizens of Ironshrike – and it is not the drow, in whom the market destroys all pride, all solidarity, all grace. It is instead the aelfir up-Spire – and, closer to the market itself, the sinister sect that feeds off the commerce and chaos there.   And so the Ministry desires something done: the murder of a market.

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[ Spire ] Ironshrike

Badger Badger – Lewisham 139-145 Deptford High London, SE8 3NU United Kingdom

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