Shadowrun: Backroom Deals

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Shadowrun: Backroom Deals

Shadowrun: Backroom Deals

Post Created 18:04 12/30/75 by friendlylocalchummer Hey chummers! Found this through a friend. Normally ICM don't hire external folk, but it looks like they need runners bad. Maybe some of you lot would be interested in the cushy life of a suit? Just don't forget your friends in the gutter!

ICM Opportunity Resolution Officer Country/Region: All State: All City: All Category: Sales/Management Required Education: N/A Position Type: TBC Band: 7-9, depending on group dynamic Employment Type: Part Time (based on contracts) Contract Type: Permanent Travel Required: Up to 100% depending on acquired contracts OROs (Opportunity Resolution Officers) are an essential part of ICM's business, stepping in where standard methods of conflict resolution fail. As an ORO, you will be expected to search for contracts on our internal job board, where managers will post tasks that need to be completed. You will be given a standard set of equipment to accomplish your goal plus whatever the client gives you, and can apply for additional internal resources if you need them. Your clients will always be ICMers, so you know you'll be helping out your colleagues whenever you complete a contract! Click here to apply now!
The idea behind this game is to explore the lesser-seen parts of the shadowrun universe: business to business. All of your characters are already suits, you've sold your soul a little already. How does this affect you? Knowledge of the Shadowrun universe and mechanics are not necessary, but are useful. Note: we will be playing using the Anarchy ruleset, not Shadowrun core. However, I am happy to convert anything from Shadowrun 4-6e to Anarchy if you wish to use it.
Click here to go to our discord channel, or here to go to our VTT - if you can't see the discord channel, make sure you're on the RPHaven discord, and a member of the Archway branch.

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