Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition: Pools of Darkness

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Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition: Pools of Darkness

Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition: Pools of Darkness

The evil god Bane seizes control of the Moonsea region. The cities and towns of the region are ripped from the earth, leaving only craters. Storms prevent entry to the region and darkness covers the sky at all times. Now Bane's followers work to amass armies that will pour forth from the Moonsea region to invade the rest of the Realms. Can a small party of mortals stop the plans of an evil god? Ongoing campaign. The game runs on Roll20, Zoom and Signal will be used to communicate. A homebrew 5th Edition adaptation of the AD&D game Pools of Darkness. The characters start from level 20, race and class must be from the Player's Handbook no other books, no multiclass, human variant or feats and with the standard ability scores (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 ).

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