Second-Hand Rain

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Second-Hand Rain

Second-Hand Rain

The city of Spire used to be in control of the Dark elves/ Drow until 200 years ago, when the High elves/ Aelfir came and conquered the city enforcing a rule that suppresses traditional Drow culture and cults. The PCs belong to one of these underground and highly illegal cults, the Ministry of our Hidden Mistress, and have pledged to give their all to rid Spire of Aelfir rule, once and for all. The reality of the situation, is a bit less glamorous.

The player's cell has been instructed to create the "North Docks Intelligence Network Hub and Asset Liaison", with the PCs mostly keeping tabs on what custom officials to bribe, factions in the City guard and the various "chivalric" Knightly orders. The funds to maintain this has led to the players running a private detective agency. Mostly you've been up to investigating affairs, business dealings, payroll thefts and the like while trying to keep out of trouble. Recently, it's begun to rain non-stop, despite the North Docks being located fully underground with no access to the sky. How strange..

And then the local snitch and ne'er-do-well, Lors de Pluie entered the office, clutching some parcel and sputtering about Gods know what. That's when the trouble truly began...


Our first session will be a mini session 0 as we run through character creation, the simple D10 rule system and some of the basic background of this intricate and fascinating setting, where we'll also take some time to discuss safeguarding in the form of Lines and Veils. While this is a Noir type setting and will likely be using lots of horrifying similes for various body parts on various people, this campaign will not have most of the women turning out to be duplicitous and evil, but do expect mentions of cigarettes, gambling, alcohol and some sudden violence.

Content Warnings :
Excessive or gratuitous violence
Vices (addictions), Violence and Police actions

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