Scum & Villainy

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Scum & Villainy

Scum & Villainy

The galactic Hegemony has stood for millennia, with it seat at the galactic center. The Hegemon rules with a grand council of powerful noble families, greedy guild merchants and sanctioned cult leaders. The Procyon sector is too many jumps from the seat of power to matter. This far out, there are pirate queens, criminal syndicates, warring nobles, strange aliens and mysterious cults.

Here out on the raggedy edge there is still space for a disreputable crew to earn a dishonest living

Scum and villainy is a fiction first, collaborative game based on blades in the dark in which you are a crew of smugglers, bounty hunters or freedom fighters running heists at the edge of space.
Inspired by firefly, cowboy bebop, Blake 7 and star wars, its a light hearted pulp episodic adventure

Content Warnings :
Excessive or gratuitous violence
Scum and Villainy assumes a fairly noir / criminal outlook and the setting is replete with fantasy drugs, violence, and weird aliens, but first session will begin with a discussion about lines and veils

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