Scum and Villainy of Drinax

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Scum and Villainy of Drinax

Scum and Villainy of Drinax

The glittering stars of the Drinax Chain lie between the sprawling Third Imperium of Man and the ever-advancing Aslan Hierate, like a jewelled necklace between two avaricious thieves. A tenuous peace is fraying, despite fabulous profits from the dust-spice trade. Imperial megacorps greedily eye the Drinax Chain’s mysterious Ancient alien sites and vast mineral wealth; landless Aslan warriors clamour for conquest.

With feuding megacorps, raiding warbands, forbidden cults, rebels, pirates, thieves, smugglers, spies, and all manner of scum and villainy, the region is a ticking timebomb. Can your crew of scoundrels make bank before the Drinax Chain is overrun with fire and destruction?

Based on Traveller’s epic Pirates of Drinax campaign, and using the Scum and Villainy rules (based on Blades in the Dark), this is a fiction-first sandbox which cuts straight to the action. In the first session we’ll create the heroes and their ship, and figure out who wants their heads, before we play through our opening scenes.

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