Salvage Union – Rainmaker

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Salvage Union – Rainmaker

Salvage Union – Rainmaker

After months of trawling through a barren desert, supplies running low, desperate for any kind of salvage to keep things going... Your crawler finds a signal in the distance. Could this be the salvation you've been searching for?

Salvage Union is an extremely narrative mech game set in a world where corps control almost everything and the PCs have created a union in order to break free of the corps and determine their own path in life. Don't expect:
- Extremely tactical combat
- To build a missile by putting together specific pieces of scrap that you've been collecting over multiple sessions
Do expect:
- Fun, free-flowing combat and story that doesn't restrict you from doing cool things just because you didn't think ahead
- Moral dilemmas that you debate as a team
- A sense of camaraderie not just with the other PCs, but also with other members of salvage unions, both your own and ones you meet on the road!

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