RPH Presents: Ashes of the Conclave

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RPH Presents: Ashes of the Conclave

RPH Presents: Ashes of the Conclave

A D&D 5th Edition adventure set it the world of Critical Role. Decades after the triumphs of the legendary Vox Machina the lands of Tal'Dorie are filled with more adventure than ever. The Shade of Mt Gatshadow grows long and beneath the City of Emon, an ancient evil is stirring. Can a new party of intrepid heroes uncover the mysteries and fight against the terrors that threaten the people? The game is an original adventure, designed for fans of Critical Role though all are welcome at the table. There will be spoilers for Campaign 1 of the stream and (likely) spoilers for seasons 1 and 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina. This game will be a rollicking adventure across a fantasy world, containing strong violence and adult humour. Is it Tuesday Yet?

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