Red Row Nights (Spire – The City Must Fall)

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Red Row Nights (Spire – The City Must Fall)

Red Row Nights (Spire – The City Must Fall)

Spire is a game of investigation, subterfuge and occasional spectacular violence set in the towering steampunk city of the title. Players are dark elves (Drow), whose city has been taken over by the callous high elves (Aelfir), and who are now second-class citizens in their own land. You have sworn secret oaths in shadowy places and are now members of the Ministry, an underground resistance movement dedicated to delivering the Drow from oppression.

This story begins with an assassination. A Drow crime boss has turned collaborator with the Aelfir, and a bloody example must be made of him. But all actions have consequences, and the decisions you make could save or doom the Red Row district.

Spire is a quick-to-learn, low crunch narrative RPG with idiosyncratic character classes (a death-priest with a pet hyena? A worshipper of the god of commerce who can buy miracles? A drunken, street brawling knight with a giant sword?). I've run the system a few times before.

Content Warnings :

Dubious ethics and moral ambiguity abound (these are Drow, after all) and a typical Spire story will include subjects like state oppression, indentured servitude, narcotics and body horror.

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