Project Bayern 2300AD

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Project Bayern 2300AD

Project Bayern 2300AD

Project Bayern a mighty campaign that details the historic flight of the starship Bayern and associated vessels as it leaves human space to cross more than 450 light-years of unexplored territory before reaching the Pleiades and then returning home by a different route through the Hyades. This group of young stars has long been an object of awe, worship, and inspiration for human cultures. As the 24th century dawns, Commander Leopold Schmidt and his international crew of brave explorers make ready to bid farewell to friends and families for a journey which will last almost half a decade...

You play as part of the crew of the “Entdecker”- the “Encounter Vessel” - sent out from the main flotilla to investigate anomalies or interesting data brought back by the pathfinder vessel and probes.
THIS IS A PRIMARILY CAMPAIGN OF EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY.  There will of course be tension, problems to be solved, danger and the need to defend yourselves from time to time… but it is not mainly a combat based game.

While this a large campaign, it is episodic and thus relatively easy to adjust in length. This block will cover the return journey from the Pleiades via the Hyades. 

2300 AD
Three hundred years from now, humanity is claiming worlds far from Earth. Despite nearly destroying itself in the Twilight War, despite all the wars since, humanity has held on and kept its dream alive. 

2300AD is the story of that dream, as humanity reaches for the stars.

This is a richly-developed hard science fiction universe, with ships spinning against the night as they are propelled by the stutterwarp drive, the only violation of physics as we now know it in the game; everything else is an extension of known science. Airships, helicopters and hovercraft are common sights on worlds of the frontier, while spaceplanes, beanstalks and rockets carry explorers and traders to orbit, and from there starships take them across the gulf of space to the colonies and beyond...
 This is the 
current Mongoose Publishing edition of  2300AD which uses the traveller base system for task resolution etc. So its really easy...2d6

This adventure will run over twelve weeks. If you sign up, there is an expectation that you will attend most of the sessions.

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