Pathfinder for Savage Worlds – The Seal of the Seven Skies

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Pathfinder for Savage Worlds – The Seal of the Seven Skies

Pathfinder for Savage Worlds – The Seal of the Seven Skies

The Emperor is dying and the Empire In The Skies crumbles with him.
From the vast, sky-borne Capital, to the petty fiefs of the hundred islands, disorder seems to grow almost daily.

With the Imperial Seal, proof of heaven's mandate and most holy artifact of the Empire, lost long ago the blessing of the gods has been  withdrawn.
Without it no new Emperor can be crowned.

In an Empire once considered the unassailable and united the dukes and governors of the Empire now turn on each other, each coveting the throne.
With the duties of their overlords neglected, pirates and criminals prey on the weak and stifle trade and communication between the floating sky-islands.
Meanwhile on the fringes of the empire long-suppressed rival powers grow bold and hostile whilst the airships of the Empire are hurriedly outfitted for war.
It is into this decaying world that a new rumor spreads- the ancient Seal has been located.
Stories claim that the treasure trove of the long-dead pirate king contained the most precious object in the sky-realms.
It is likely nonsense. A story created as a con, being spread by the naive and the hopeful.
But what if it isn't? Can any of the major factions of this realm ignore even the slightest chance of such a gift falling into the hands of their enemies?

If it were true, the bold crew that found this treasure could name their price from any of the mightiest Houses of the Empire or their enemies.
Even the Imperial Family itself could not deny vast debt they would owe to the ones who could restore their ancestral legacy and glory.
They could become kingmakers or even kings, for legend credits the Seal with vast but mysterious powers.
Even if that is nothing but myth as a symbol alone it would do much to re-unite the fracturing Empire.
Yet every lord and every pirate, every adventurer and every explorer is seeking this prize - it's value too vast for trust.
Finding such a treasure was no doubt an adventure worthy of song and story. But surviving long enough to claim the reward?
That might be even an greater task.
This will be an Action, Adventure and Intrigue focused game played using the 'Pathfinder for Savage Worlds' rule set.
You should expect swashbuckling, derring-do, honour, betrayal and magically-powered airships in a fantastical yet turbulent Empire made up of islands floating in the skies.

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