Pathfinder 2nd Edition – Sunday Game

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Pathfinder 2nd Edition – Sunday Game

Pathfinder 2nd Edition – Sunday Game

"It was a busy night at The Southgate Tavern and several adventurous souls found themselves crammed into a booth in the Western wall. The bottle-glass windows allowed light in but gave a distorted view of the street outside."

The setting is the State of Old Cheliax, which is not a nice place. However, there are ample travel opportunities. The various plot lines include dungeon crawls, overland travel or training in deepest darkest Mwangi. The City the players are in has been substantially developed as are potential adventures at most compass points. You can chose any of 14 plus character types as I have expansion books allowing more diverse characters than the base and character generation is very easy using a free app on a typical phone. You will have to fill out character sheets and roll dice though during the game. Hopefully we can play all summer and if you are keen to carry on.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition is an epic fantasy RPG that evolved from Dungeons and Dragons. Players will start in Old Cheliax, in a City from where they can plot their way through one of many adventure paths.

They may not even follow the pre-generated plots and wander into areas and adventures that will prove too hard for them. Though there is a new edition of this game, we will restrict these adventures to 2nd Edition.

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