Paranoia – Tuesday Game

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Paranoia – Tuesday Game

Paranoia – Tuesday Game

Welcome to the insane world of Paranoia. If you like Bureaucracy, high-powered experimental super weapons, and signing forms in triplicate then this is the game for you.

Paranoia is a dystopian science-fiction tabletop RPG in which players take on the roles of Troubleshooters working for Friend Computer that runs Alpha Complex

There are 1329483289432965932 rules you must follow at all times, you don’t need to know every single one, just make sure that nobody else knows you haven’t remembered every single one!

Paranoia is a tongue-in-cheek RPG that is designed around fun and silliness, working together is discouraged because that sounds a little Communist. Get ready to laugh as fun is MANDATORY.

Content Warnings :
Abuse (physical, mental, emotional, verbal)
Swearing, graphic deaths

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