One shot week – Dishonored

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One shot week – Dishonored

One shot week – Dishonored

As Edgar Wakefield extends the territory of the Dead Eels Gang further inland, smaller street crews must bend the knee or fight for every alley. Your job on this dark night, as members of the Spring Heel Gang, is to deliver the gang’s tribute to the Dead Eels, your boss having thought better of fighting the Eels’ many gaff hooks. So now, as the foghorn sounds from Kingsparrow Island, you find yourself walking cautiously towards the Wrenhaven River, nervously spying light glinting off hooks in the shadowed alleyways. 

= = = = 

One shot for the 3rd April session. 

Dishonored uses a simple version of the 2d20 system, one that's very easy to learn, and I'll have pre-gens. 

You don't need to know the computer game to play, and for those that don't: Dishonored is a gas-lamp fantasy set in an alternate world. The setting is a darker version of an 1800s Victorian London or Edingburgh, with an injection of mad science and cult magic. Its characters start humble but are destined for great things, if they can navigate oppressive rulers, the rat plague and the ever-present threat of Chaos that ensures your choices will have consequences. 

Content Warnings :

Plague, desperate people struggling to survive, class struggles, violence

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