One Shot Rotation Table Q2 2024

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One Shot Rotation Table Q2 2024

One Shot Rotation Table Q2 2024

Join us in exploring a range of different game systems and play styles in an Open Table format. Perfect for players who want to experiment with different systems, or, better yet, want to try running the game for themselves with little (no) stakes.

All games will feature either lightning-fast character creation or pregens ready to pick up and play. If you're interested in running, I encourage you to be familiar enough with the system and setting to get the rest of us going, understand where the fun is, and be comfortable making calls that drive the game forward.

Newbies welcome, and we're also happy to pick up players whose table can't run that week, so long as they are happy to be dropped in the middle of the action. Realistically, I expect most games will run for 1-3 sessions before we pass on to the next GM. First-time GMs are welcome, and I'll be available to consult for prep or advice in the lead-up.

Looking forward to seeing you at the table!

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