One Shot Night: D&D 5E- Watchers in the Dark

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One Shot Night: D&D 5E- Watchers in the Dark

One Shot Night: D&D 5E- Watchers in the Dark

The game is centred on an unexplained event in the forest that has disrupted nearby villages, prompting several fellow adventurers to investigate. Two days prior, a meteor shower of violet fire carved across the night sky followed by an unearthly crash deep within the forest. Nearby villages have sent out exploration parties to determine the source of the crash but none have returned. Sightings of unnaturally aggressive wildlife have sent rumours rippling through the community. You set off into the dense forest as a strange fog grows thicker and thicker, determined to find out what happened.

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This is a horror one-shot with themes of abduction, body horror, madness, and violence.

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