Numenera: The Lost City

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Numenera: The Lost City

Numenera: The Lost City

Legends say there have been eight previous worlds; the ancients of those worlds rose to technological heights incomprehensible now, they manipulated space, shaped continents, and played with dimensions. Now, the ancients have all left, or died, and all that remains of their mighty works are fragments, calling them Numenera; the people of the Ninth World consider them miracles and sorcery. 

You are Numenera hunters; you explore the lost and dangerous places of the Ninth World to bring back Numenera and knowledge. You have been hired to find a lost expedition, a journey that may lead you to the greatest prize the Ninth World has ever seen, a mythical city of the ancients.

Numenera is a science fantasy setting with a rules-light d20 system, no prior knowledge of the system is needed. This campaign is aiming to be a kind pulpy/dungeon crawlerly action adventure. We’ll do character creation on session 1.

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