Nights of Payne Town – City of Mist

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Nights of Payne Town – City of Mist

Nights of Payne Town – City of Mist

The City is a corrupt and haunted place. In the shadows of shiny skyscrapers and derelict residential blocks, ancient stories and urban legends assume physical form. The people on the streets remain oblivious to the clash of mythical forces that drive and control the very life of the City. You too, were an ordinary person, until the seed of the legendary awoke within you. Now you seek answers. Be warned – the truth can be as dangerous as the forces that hide it.

City of Mist is a role-playing game of film-noir investigation and mythic-powered action. It is set in a modern city rife with crime, conspiracies, and mysteries. You are one of the few who channel legends and the mythic powers that you use to solve cases.

The rules are very simple. The game has fewer dice rolls and more talking than some other games, but every dice roll has important consequences. It’s cinematic and everyone has a chance to contribute to the description of the scenes. You can create, develop and evolve your character. There is a lot of investigation and plenty of conflict. It's a detective game, so it will be no surprise that you'll need to keep track of clues and leads as you dig deeper and deeper.

We will play “Nights in Payne Town” – a story arc of crime, magic and lost souls. I think we'll investigate the first Case with pre-gens and then do character creation and form your "crew".

Trigger warnings: It's a noir setting. This is a series of cases, some refer to alcohol abuse, smoking, illegal drugs, psychological pain, physical pain, cults, exploitative therapists, clowns. It's detective game and there may be murder victims and forensic evidence. You can tip me off privately if you have any special anxieties and we can avoid or veil those subjects.

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