Mansions of Madness – Pulp Cthulhu! – Tuesday Game

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Mansions of Madness – Pulp Cthulhu! – Tuesday Game

Mansions of Madness – Pulp Cthulhu! – Tuesday Game

"Welcome investigator and congratulations on joining the Golden Key Detective Agency! Your role here is to look beyond the normal and find what lies beneath. You will be sent all across the globe to find and confront the hidden evils that threaten humanity. Godspeed and may you always find the light!"

This is a Call of Cthulhu campaign using the Pulp! Cthulhu ruleset. Players will make their way through the scenarios published in the Mansions of Madness Volume 1: Behind Closed doors supplement, and more. Players can expect adult horror themes and exciting gameplay, players of all experiences are welcome any time to join.

This campaign is continuing from the previous quarter.

Content Warnings :

Horror, gore, racism, sexism

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