Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Plasma Cannons

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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Plasma Cannons

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Plasma Cannons

Scum and Villainy is a Forged in the Dark game (It's based on Blades in the Dark) about a spaceship crew trying to make ends meet under the iron-fisted rule of the Galactic Hegemony. Work with the members of your crew to thrive despite powerful criminal syndicates, warring noble families, dangerous aliens, and strange mystics. Explore the ruins of lost civilizations for fun and profit. Can your motley crew hold it together long enough to strike it big and ensure your fame across the sector?

Like Blades in the Dark it's a very player-driven system; you’ll be deciding the priorities for your crew and what jobs to take. If you like things like Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, Farscape, Guardians of the Galaxy, then this will hopefully be the campaign for you.

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