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D&D 5E: Carpalia and the Madness of the Infinite Mother (Part 2)

The Old Church Rooms - Cardiff North Park Road, Radyr

Explore the great arcane city of Carpalia — the city built on the hand of a long-dead god — and beyond to the continent of Ganmeridia. Will you venture into the Veinbreaker Mines seeking arcane blood crystals? Fight against criminal empires or work with them?

Temple of elemental evil (Part 2)

The Old Church Rooms - Cardiff North Park Road, Radyr

A continuation of the temple of elemental evil. Impossible fights, death, puzzles, codes and lots of tongue in check humour

The Smoking Ruin – Part 2

The Old Church Rooms - Cardiff North Park Road, Radyr

Continuation of an existing game, but new players more than welcome.

Star Trek: Odysseus (part 2)

The Old Church Rooms - Cardiff North Park Road, Radyr

Space the final frontier. 

These are the voyages of the USS Odysseus, its mission to help the effort to rebuild the Federation after the war with the Dominion.

Atomic Robo [Fate Condensed]

Badger Badger - Lewisham 139-145 Deptford High, London
Are you ready for some two-fisted science adventure? Then it's time for the Atomic Robo RPG! Have you ever wanted to face down global conspiracy as an immortal atomic robot or Stephen Hawking, Madame Curie or Brian Cox (not that one, the other one)? The Atomic Robo RPG makes it possible.

Red Row Nights (Spire – The City Must Fall)

Badger Badger - Lewisham 139-145 Deptford High, London

Intrigue, murder, and mystery - all in a night's work for agents of the Ministry of Our Hidden Mistress. But in the slums of Red Row they're not the only ones playing the game...

Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen – Part 2

The Old Church Rooms - Cardiff North Park Road, Radyr

THE WORLD HAS ENDED AND IT'S ENDING AGAIN. 300 years ago years ago, the Cataclysm brought ruin to the world of Krynn. In a single day, an age of wonders came to an end.

D&D5e: Ghosts Of Saltmarsh

On-Line Branch: Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Nestled in a secluded spot along the Sword Coast is the small village of Saltmarsh. A typical non-descript fishing village. However, recent events, some strange and mysterious, others more 'mundane', but all the same 'unusual'. Will the village be able to overcome it's council factions bickering to get to the bottom of this and help the town move forward and become prosperous once again.

Candlekeep – A D&D 5E Campaign

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

Standing atop a rocky crag overlooking the Sea of Swords, the massive citadel of Candlekeep has endured the elements for centuries and defied the degradations of time. Within its walls lies a cloistered community of scholars - and the largest repository of written lore in Faerun. No mere library, Candlekeep is at once both a source and the answer to mysteries both ancient and modern. Great is the prestige of working in any capacity for Candlekeep’s Keeper of Tomes. So when you are approached to accept a contract to join the Keeper’s staff for a year to act as one of the Hands of the Keeper, your interest is immediate ...

Series of loosely linked adventures, starting from level 9. New player friendly.


The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

Daggerheart is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of brave heroics and vibrant worlds that are built together as a group. Create a shared story with your adventuring party, and shape the world through rich, dynamic campaign play.

Eyes Unclouded – DnD 5e – Beginner Friendly

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

Eyes Unclouded is an anthology of adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, inspired by classic Japanese animation, espescially the works of Studio Ghibli. Entreat with the Cat King of the Feywild, learn the truth behind a curse affecting an ancient forest, race by airship to find a lost sky fortress and more!

star trek adventures

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

Set during the dominion war, take part in a patrol to investigate possible dominion activity along the cardassian border, discover what the dominion might be up to and what they have planned for the federation.

When We Die

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

In a mere two weeks, the pillars of government started to crumble, shockwaves of panic throughout the world. Massive looting ensued as the army was called upon to exterminate the source of chaos... Infected people! The world was plagued by a bacterial outbreak that...

Cy_Borg: NooFutra

The Raven - Hammersmith 375 Goldhawk Rd, London

Megacities and megaplexes populated by swarms of gene-registered humans drowning in a tailored flood of targeted echo-chamber media. A nightmare granulation of technology and bio-subscription services operating within terminal stage capitalism. A violent coexistence of the oppressive technological and the invasive supernatural. 


Poisonous space rocks, nuclear weapons, cyclical revolutions, warring nations, warring corporations, warring neighbors; pandemics, tsunamis, volcanoes. In between it all: direct person-machine interfaces, tactical neural implants, and bacteria from outer space hijacking intercellular nanorobotics. And the sky is full of ads.

Everyone is interfaced/injected/infected/infested with something. Everyone wants something from everyone else. Everyone is a liar and a cheat. Everyone wants more creds.

Welcome to the year 20X3.

Welcome to the City of Y!̸͆̅̌”̶͌̉#̸͇̞̻̌̚”̶̨̻̘̇̉̊͆̈́͒̌̆̓̕͜#̶̖̣̘̻͖̥͕̙̀̃̈́́̄̕̕͜͠2̶̧̻̺̝̥̮̣̒͒̂͐͐̍́́͘̕̕4̴̿̌’̷̛̙͍̠̙̿


For this game we'll be playing Cy_Borg and using elements from the NooFutra setting zine. As your band of Mercs fight to survive in the city, either for themselves or for what the future should have been instead.

CY_BORG is a complete rules-light, rage-heavy tabletop roleplaying game based on and compatible with MÖRK BORG.

NooFutra is a setting hack for Mothership. A meshed world of modernized cyberpunk and traditional fantasy,  where megastructures built from artificial meat risk possession from malevolent spirits, underground nests are built by burrowing feral infrastructure, and alleyways are prowled by graffiti gargoyles and dumpster mimics. 

Ghosts of Saltmarsh – D&D5e – Sunday Game

Firestorm Games - Cardiff Central Sloper Road, Cardiff

**This game is a long running continuation from previous quarters, with the party at level 6**

Welcome to Ghosts of Saltmarsh, a campaign built of seven main sections that take place in a region famous for its unique challenges and deadly threats.

Curse of Strahd – DnD 5e – Sunday Game

Firestorm Games - Cardiff Central Sloper Road, Cardiff

A not so warm welcome to the misty valley of Barovia! This is a new campaign, starting at level 1, jumping right into the mists of Barovia, and discovering all it's challenges and secrets. Will you defeat Strahd, or fall prey to his evil plots and become another mere thrall in his eternal servitude?

Planescape: Turn of Fortune’s Wheel [PART 2/2] – D&D 5E – Tuesday Game

Firestorm Games - Cardiff Central Sloper Road, Cardiff

This is the second and last part of the D&D 5e campaign module: Planescape: Turn of Fortune's Wheel. A plot to undermine the rules of reality has caused a glitch in the multiverse. Contend with mighty immortals and chronicle the farthest reaches of the Outlands to uncover the truth of this conspiracy.

(Image: Cover of "Turn of Fortune's Wheel"; Credit: Wizards of the Coast) 

Indie short-shots II

Froth & Flame - Edinburgh

Continuation of rotating series of short (1-4 week long) campaigns with different TTRPGs and GMs. Each session's game will be chosen the previous week. Previous quarter's games included- Into the […]

D&D: Falran – Duninmara

Froth & Flame - Edinburgh

Join our adventurers as they return to Falran continuing the pilgrimage to Cairnkeld. Hopefully get to at least Duninmara if not further.

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