Light of Xaryxis: D&D 5th Edition – Spelljammer

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Light of Xaryxis: D&D 5th Edition – Spelljammer

Light of Xaryxis: D&D 5th Edition – Spelljammer

Wildspace, the final frontier…

Get ready to jump on a spaceship, fight space pirates and explore new worlds in this Spelljammer adventure. Beyond your home world lies the vastness of Wildspace, and even further the eternal Astral Sea, both of which you will be exploring aboard your spelljammer ship in a race against time to save your home, and even perhaps the whole multiverse from a terrible fate…
Inspired by the 80s film Flash Gordon this levels 5 to 8 adventure will keep you on your toes with insane plot twists and memorable fun NPCs.
If you like D&D, Space and pulp science fiction come and join us as we travel through the multiverse!

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