Legend of the Five Rings, – A Scorpion Matter

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Legend of the Five Rings, – A Scorpion Matter

Legend of the Five Rings, – A Scorpion Matter

Using the previous to current version of the rules  (4thEd, black books) this L5R game is set around a party made mostly of Scorpion Clan characters working for the Daimyo of Nezuban Province in Scorpion lands involving rising tensions, politics, and threats coming out of the darkness while a mysterious stranger brings the party together indicating possible ominous and terrible things to come, will the party manage to work together and help the scoprion clan and empire prosper, or is ruination close?   game runs on an on week off week format, politics and plotting are hard end date is a placeholder this game isnt intended to be short but how long it goes? who knows

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