Keys From The Golden Vault

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Keys From The Golden Vault

Keys From The Golden Vault

Some jobs require more than simply wielding a sword or slinging a spell. Whether it’s procuring a well-guarded item or obtaining crucial information from an imprisoned contact, these tasks require careful planning and flawless execution. The secretive organization called the Golden Vault specializes in those daunting assignments—and you've just received an invitation to join. 

This DnD 5e campaign will take your characters from level 5 to 14 in a series of heists and adventures. Bring your most charming rogue, darling, fuck shit up as a barbarian, or see what happens when you cast fireball in a vault - and get ready to loot all the treasure you can in the process, of course! Haunted houses, excessively booby-trapped mansions and even a trip to the Feywild await you. 

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