Indie short-shots

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Indie short-shots

Indie short-shots

Rotating series of short (1-4 week long) campaigns with different RPGs and GMs. Kicking off with "Into the ultraviolet Grasslands" a psychedelic science fantasy, for the first two weeks.

Each session's game will be chosen the previous week. Current suggestions include:

- Mythic Bastionland
A rules light, dream-like world of knights and myths. Seek the glory, earn your place at court, remember your oaths and rule your own domain. 
- Dread
A horror toolbox designed to explore themes of suspense and dread. Uses a Jenga set rather than dice to resolve actions.
-Vampire: The Masquerade
Gothic-punk, modern day, alternate reality. Players assume the role of vampires (Kindred) and each night must deal with their own bestial natures, vampire hunters, and each other.

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