Humblewood (5e) – The Noo Radicals – Tuesday Game

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Humblewood (5e) – The Noo Radicals – Tuesday Game

Humblewood (5e) – The Noo Radicals – Tuesday Game

The Great Blaze is afoot! Denizens of all creeds seek refuge in Alderheart, the great tree city. The Aspect of Fire roams free, threatening all life in the wood, as knowledge that should not have been forgotten, turned to myth...

Our heroes have made their way to the Avium, Humblewood's prized athenaeum, to find out more about the foe they so narrowly escaped on the ashen plains of the Scorched Grove. Will they find what they need? What mysteries await them in the ancient libraries? Is everything as it seems?   Join the Noo Radicals and find out, in the next leg of their adventure through... H U M B L E W O O D ! theme music plays  

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