How They Rise Up – A Discworld D&D 5E Adventure – Chapter II

Game Summary
How They Rise Up – A Discworld D&D 5E Adventure – Chapter II

How They Rise Up – A Discworld D&D 5E Adventure – Chapter II

The Story So Far…

In our previous episodes, the party were tasked by Lord Vetinari to seek out “mysterious goings on in the city”. The Dark Clerks have heard tales of a growing magical cult within the city, echoing the previous incident with the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night. The cult’s use of magic had reportedly killed at least three people, and so the Watch officers were required to work closely with Mustrum Ridcully in order to apprehend the miscreants.

After following a tip off from trusted street merchant and adventure capitalist C.M.O.T. Dibbler, the party discovered he had suffered a recent break in at his warehouse in the Shades. The group persuaded him to let them investigate, and headed to the Shades where they were immediately set upon by a rag tag group of unlicensed thieves.

After defeating the thieves, the party entered Dibbler’s warehouse on Monkey Street. It is immediately clear that, for once, Dibbler may have been telling the truth. The door is broken open, and stock and shelves are in disarray. They found various items. Band with rocks in tshirts, sausages and buns, pies, “dibbler’s gravy mix” and homoeopathic shampoo.

Mustrum Ridcully detected a magical aura in the corner of the room, leading the party to a now-empty box labelled “Alchemists Anonymous - The Daye the Earthe Stoode Still”. They followed a trail, comprising magical essence and glittery water, deeper into the Shades, to a building located near the Rimwards docks, which they would later find to be the Pork Futures warehouse on Morpork Street.
The party approached the building from the rear, eventually breaking down the door and finding what appeared to be the head cultist deep within a ritual spell. Sadly the party was not quite fast enough, and while they managed to apprehend all cultists, a dragon has been let loose in Ankh Morpork.

Throughout their adventure (which took the best part of a whole day) the party noticed a grey-cloaked figure stalking them from the rooftops. The figure never contacted the group, however it is believed to have assisted with defeating at least two enemies throughout the day.

To the joy of some, the dragon seems (for now) to have left the city. The party has now been disbanded, with each of the characters going back to their typical day to day duties. It has now been six months since the incident, which was reported in the Ankh Morpork Times as “The Worst Dragon News Story Since The Last One”.

Chapter I - An Embuggering

Our party began as new recruits within the Ankh Morpork City Watch, as an equalities initiative aiming to bring new inspiration to the Watch. Following an unfortunate mix up with Sergeant Colon, the five-member initiative was also joined by an energetic and inspiring nanny - Sepia Potts (guardian of new recruit Hattie Feather).

On their first day, the team investigated (and would you believe it, entirely mangled) a murder scene, identifying a number of leads. During this time, they uncovered evidence of a group known as The Brotherhood, as well as some nefarious operations by fellow watch officers.
After the suspicious death of recruit Raymond Smith within the Pseudopolis Yard holding cells, Captain Carrot has been arrested and is being questioned. The party, who were operating under the Captain at the time, were placed on compassionate leave by Commander Vimes and told to leave the city while he unraveled and tidied the mess which they had created.

Now, following leads discovered in the murder victim’s residence, the party have travelled to Quirm, and the village of Champal. Here, they begin the next part of their adventure.

Our next chapter, if chapters were a thing in Discworld, begins with our green watch recruits travelling in a foreign land, and looking to uncover a mystery which will span the Sto Plains to the Ramtop mountains. This, dear reader, is where you step in.

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