Harvesting Clouds – Horizon Land

Game Summary
Harvesting Clouds – Horizon Land

Harvesting Clouds – Horizon Land

About the setting
Harvesting clouds takes place in the shattered world of Altaron which was broke down into pieces in an event known as the "Surge". In this world, the adventure often takes the form of skyship travels between the scattered pieces of land orbiting around the Nexus, an energetic core at the center of the planet. Partake in intense sky fights and uncover the mysteries of far lands floating in the clouds in a light sci-fi setting that also includes elements of magic and mysticism.

Game synopsis
The Crimson lady is dead and her 3 sons are ready to fight for the control of Kasnia, an important Rocket Realm that ensure most of Mahat'ama trading routes the the northern hemisphere. You arrive as an outsider, a nobody trying to make a name for yourself and use the chaos of the conflict to your advantage. Aboard an rustic skyship under the command of the old captain Graham, you make your way from the northern skies to seek gold and glory.

About the Hope system
Hope is a brand new game system that emphasis on relationships between party members. The group evolves similarly to a character in other TTRPG, unlocking group abilities and resources. Players exchange bound token when they share meaningful moment during the adventure and can activate them to enhance rolls and even participate in writing the story.

@5odrek on discord if you are interested in learning more!

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