GURPS Keep on the Borderlands

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GURPS Keep on the Borderlands

GURPS Keep on the Borderlands

Keep on the Borderlands is a classic D&D adventure written by Gary Gygax. It is considered a good module and a start point for new players. The twist I am running is that we will be playing with GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. D&D 2e is very different to 5e with more punishing combat and an emphasis on pragmatism over heroics. However the game is a little simplistic and restrictive for my taste, and so I am changing it to GURPS to allow for more player freedom while still keeping a more pragmatic tone.

Don't worry if you have never played GURPS before, the core system is very simple. The complexity you may have heard of mainly comes at character creation, but Dungeon Fantasy has a system to make character creation much easier. The first session will be character creation and an introduction to the rules.

For those of you unfamiliar with Keep on the Borderlands the Realm is beset on all sided by chaos. Humanity has fortified its borders, but the chaos constantly presses them. The Borderlands are a region of constant conflict that attracts those seeking glory and gold. Adventures constantly travel to the borderlands though few return. You and your companions have decided to test your might and your will against the chaos. Will you survive to become heroes of the realm or fall like so many other have to the chaos?

Content Warnings :
Excessive or gratuitous violence
This is a more old school module such that the monsters are considered evil because they are monsters. I will discuss in session 1 if we want to take a more nuanced view of the monsters or not.

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