GrinDank roleplaying in the Dork Millenium

Game Summary
GrinDank roleplaying in the Dork Millenium

GrinDank roleplaying in the Dork Millenium


Using Wrath and Glory 2nd edition + community rules (W&G is an attribute+skill d6 dice pool v a set difficulty, modified by tokens [and fairly easy to learn]) you will play a series of 'one shot' adventures to grow your ork as they cause havoc and mayhem across the Gilead System.

Once we all get tired of you growing them (and heck - we might not... krumpin' gits is fun after all) - you will play the Imperial Inquisition, ordered to hunt down the absolute monsters you have created. 

What will happen?

You will learn to speak like an ork, think like an ork, become one with the green, and use dakka for fun and profit.

If, by the end of each session, you aren't screaming like an East End football hooligan on a sugar rush - I will show disappointment in you.


You may also learn to randomly shout " REPENT " / " PURGE THE XENOS " on public transport.

I'm not going to be held accountable if you do.

Themes and Flavour:

It will be a dumb, juvenile, deeply offensive, and wildly unserious take on the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I will expect you to shove all kinds of satirical and stupid ass ideas into it... As long as the table is happy to build on what you bring in - all is good. You will be supported. Desirable pre-game knowledge :- Dawn of War RTS games, If The Emperor Had a Text To Speech Device, etc.

What do I need you to do:

Good naturedly troll each other and build up on each others stuff. Willingness to use silly voices whilst committing war crimes. Have fun whilst doing this.

Content Warnings :
Excessive or gratuitous violence
Orks are ridiculously violent, xenophobic, and insane. Inquisitors much the same. The Dark Millenium just as bad. There will be dark stuff which may be treated very very lightly.

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