Ghosts of Saltmarsh – D&D5e – Sunday Game

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Ghosts of Saltmarsh – D&D5e – Sunday Game

Ghosts of Saltmarsh – D&D5e – Sunday Game

**This game is a long running continuation from previous quarters, with the party at level 6**

Welcome to Ghosts of Saltmarsh, a campaign built of seven main sections that take place in a region famous for its unique challenges and deadly threats.

The main backdrop of this campaign is the well-known port of Saltmarsh where historical grudges and political machinations bubble just beneath the surface. A place for opportunity for all, where the trade of gems, silks and magical items pass hands for chests full of golden coins.

Beyond this, the Azure Sea has a variety of nautical dangers and oceanic hazards, from magical storms and whirlpools to ancient sea monsters and sunken ruins.

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