From Beneath It Devours – One Shot night

Game Summary
From Beneath It Devours – One Shot night

From Beneath It Devours – One Shot night

"Innovation AI Labs" is the new leading innovator in searching for a cancer cure. Professional Quinn, the award-winning Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2020 thinks he is close to a discovery that could change everything we know about medicine. However, his method is controversial, using AI and monkeys for medical testing... many do not agree with this and threats of death, and sabotage are increasing in frequency.

Game Details
This is a one-shot game survival horror where players play pre-gem characters working for Innovation AI Labs. Be warned, each character has their own agenda! The game starts when players arrive for there morning shift, but something is obviously very wrong when you arrive!
The game uses the engine, "All Flesh Must Be Eaten" by Eden Studios offers a survival horror RPG game using Cinematic Unisystem rules. However, there are no zombies; there is something much worse waiting for you in the dark underground Lab of "Innovation AI Lab, site-002"

Content Warnings :
Animal cruelty or animal death
Game contained disturbing descriptive scenes of animal testing. The GM will also ripped character sheets upon death!

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