Fallout:- Winter of Atom Part 3

Game Summary
Fallout:- Winter of Atom Part 3

Fallout:- Winter of Atom Part 3

Fallout: Winter of Atom

The war has begun
A rogue sect of the Church of the Children of Atom and their dangerous, charismatic leader, the “Son of Atom”, have appeared; the Institute is up to its usual weird dealings; the Brotherhood of Steel hangs likes a sword over the whole area. Add in a traveling circus of Ghouls, an Art community and a bunch of "nuns" with the Sisters of the Forge then its likely to be a long winter. Will the Commonwealth even get to see spring?
Fallout itself is a post apocalptic game, set 200 (ish) years after nuclear war, but in an alternate world where COMMUNISTS ARE BAD, AMERICA IS GOOD and stuck in a 1950's feel. Computers never got small, but Nuclear power was popular. The resulting universe is thus a retro-futuristic one, where the technology has evolved enough to produce laser weapons, manipulate genes and create nearly-autonomous artificial intelligence, but all within the confines of 1950s' technology such as the widespread use of atomic power and vacuum tubes, as well as having the integrated circuitry of the digital age.
Using https://www.modiphius.net/pages/fallout-the-roleplaying-game Modiphius' popular 2D20 system, This will be the last part in a long running campaign. It may seem familiar but there are plenty of changes. You can play any character and type, though I will be altering the Brotherhood slightly (you will play a more independent faction, whilst the main Brotherhood will still be around).  I have added an extra skill and a few extra Perks for my campaign as well.
All players welcome including new players.

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