Fallout: Great Midwest – 2d20 System – Tuesday Game

Game Summary
Fallout: Great Midwest – 2d20 System – Tuesday Game

Fallout: Great Midwest – 2d20 System – Tuesday Game

The year is 2201. The world is a husk of it's former glory; scarred and burned from the atomic fire of The Great War, 124 years ago.

From the ashes of uranium, a new world was born; more dangerous, more ruthless, much weirder. 
As a group made of Vault dwellers, Ghouls, former Raiders or Mr. Handy/Ms. Nanny, you have one priority above all else, survival.
As the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. individuals you are, set out in to the wasteland to explore, salvage, conquer and ultimately settle a new community in the Great Midwest, whether it be the Motor City (Detroit), Chi-Town (Chicago) or The Crossroads (Indianapolis).
So collect your Stimpak, pop a Nuka Cola and prepare for a new Fallout experience.
Because war. War never changes.

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