Fall of Atlantis (home brew D&D5e)

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Fall of Atlantis (home brew D&D5e)

Fall of Atlantis (home brew D&D5e)

Players will be starting at 5th level in this homebrew adventure which will be a hex crawl through unstable and hostile lands, as the players will be tasked to find a means to save Atlantis and bring the gods back. Hired by a young noble to form an expedition to the lands of Mu where there are rumours of a magical device that will be able to re-energise the lands and heal land of the damage caused from the war, the mission will be dangerous but there will be a chance to gather wealth and fame if you make it back alive.

This will be a fun adventure of exploration and discovery travelling hex by hex not knowing what they will find only having limited information on lands they will be exploring and just a rough idea of where the prize they seek is located. As well as finding monsters and danger they will also find allies and friends along the way and discover old secrets from Atlantis as well as uncover information about the Justified ancients of Mu and find their treasures.

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