Expedition to Lustria

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Expedition to Lustria

Expedition to Lustria

The Old World of Warhammer Fantasy is dangerous, unpleasant, and full of death in all its forms. So it's a good thing you've found a way out!

Lustria, the New World found far across the sea, is a land of mystery, magic, and treasure. So you, as randomly-generated Imperial citizens, have signed on to an expedition across the waves and into the jungles. Get in, get rich, get home, all at no risk! At least no risk asides from the carnivorous locals, carnivorous fauna, carnivorous flora, and carnivorous diseases. That's not counting the more mundane hazards, like inclement weather or getting lost.

We'll be using WFRP 4e, a system full of random tables and untimely death (though you do get some plot armour to see you through the first few fatal rolls!). Critical hits might leave you with broken bones and missing teeth, miscast spells could destroy part of your hands, and angry gods may fling lightning at you. This is a game where you'll have a good time, so long as you remember that your character will probably have a terrible time.

Content Warnings :

Injury detail, including broken bones and lost limbs.

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