Era: The Consortium Living Campaign – “Rescue”

Game Summary
Era: The Consortium Living Campaign – “Rescue”

Era: The Consortium Living Campaign – “Rescue”

GM: Ed Jowett

In the far future, Humanity and aliens are ruled over by a group of companies, known as the Consortium. However, a so-called Resistance movement has risen up and begun attacking both military and civilian targets. The battle has, perhaps unsurprisingly, turned nasty quickly.
You are a member of SAR, the elite Search and Rescue corps of the Consortium.
You are part of the military, but you do good - you rescue people from drifting alone in space for eternity. That's what gets you out of bed in the morning.
But that means that you sometimes board ships with an unknown situation, unknown cargo and unknown consequences.
A distress signal has gone off in the vicinity, and you're heading there now...

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