Dungeons & Dragons: The World Forest

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Dungeons & Dragons: The World Forest

Dungeons & Dragons: The World Forest

Long ago, the World Forest erupted overnight, civilisation quickly collapsed.

Now, only a few small villages and towns hold on in the deep, dangerous forest that covers the world. Between the towns lie the ruins of the world before, the cities, keeps and crypts of lost empires filled with dangerous creatures and otherworldly monsters.

Protecting those towns and pushing back against the worst of the predations of the dark woods are the Seekers, a loose organisation of brave souls who delve into the forest to keep others safe. 

As a newly qualified Seeker, you’re excited to start your first quest, to venture out and start to make a difference to protect your friends and family.

This will be a high fantasy D&D campaign in a new setting using 5th edition rules. 

 Players will start at level 1 and be charged with investigating a local disturbance that’s causing concern with their town.

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