Dungeons and Dragons: Troll Trouble

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Dungeons and Dragons: Troll Trouble

Dungeons and Dragons: Troll Trouble

Ravendale is a small, remote farming community that sits in a once idyllic valley. A rutted and poorly marked cart trail provides the only trade access to Ravendale. Wagons must jolt along the trail through a canyon formed by Stonebottom creek. There is little trade that comes to Ravendale and fewer visitors save for the occasional mining or adventuring party seeking to explore the Sword Mountains.

Being so remote, the town is highly dependent on the success or failure of their crops of wheat, oats, vegetables and livestock. Recently, back to back seasons of drought and failed crops have drained their grain and meat supplies to dangerously low levels. The settlers know that unless something changes very soon many will not survive the harsh winter ahead.

In desperation, the town elders pooled together their last remaining coin to pay for a shipment of grain and supplies from Amphail. That wagonload and its driver Shalia Redmane are a week overdue, and to make matters worse, Ravendale's acting constable, Jorgan Ralvar went looking for the wagon two days ago and has also gone missing. The rumors have been flying that the fate of Shalia, the supplies, and now Jorgan, must be tied to a troll who they say lives under the Stonebottom bridge.

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