Dungeons and Dragons: Clockwork Sky

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Dungeons and Dragons: Clockwork Sky

Dungeons and Dragons: Clockwork Sky

A new age of exploration and strange magic is dawning. Join a party of curious dungeon-delvers, dive into remote ruins and discover lost precursor technology. And seek the answer to a burning question: what exactly are Aetherium Crystals? 

Clockwork Sky is an upbeat, pulpy campaign with the feel of an 80s blockbuster, young adult fiction or Saturday morning cartoons. 

You are a crew of sailors on a small but state-of-the-art vessel: the pinnacle of artifice, or an unreliable heap of junk. You might have cobbled it together, won it in a gamble, inherited it from a rich relative, or stolen it in a daring heist. 

Dive straight into adventure on the high seas of Imeros, discover remnants of an ancient civilisation on an uncharted island, then explore a vast mainland wilderness where troubles abound: banditry, earthquakes, illness, wild animals and unpredictable weather.

Art by Becca Connor: https://linktr.ee/BeccaConnor

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