Dungeon World: Gifts of the Summer Queen

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Dungeon World: Gifts of the Summer Queen

Dungeon World: Gifts of the Summer Queen

It is well known amongst the smallfolk of Dungeon World that if you can find where the Winter King of the Fair Folk holds his court on the coldest, darkest night of the year, you can bring him a sacrifice in exchange for a prophecy of the year to come. What fewer people know is that the Summer Court has its own rite, but instead of a gift for a truth, the Queen will exchange a truth for a gift.

Even the broken lands of Dungeon World have a summer. How will you find the Summer Queen? What will you ask of her, and what truth will be worth your request?

Dungeon World brings you the high fantasy TTRPG you are after, but with a bigger focus on narrative and a lot less remembering what you have to add to things. If you want death and adventure and slightly psychedelic weirdness straight out of the 80s, Dungeon World might well be for you.

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