Dragonlance: Dragons of War (Pt2)

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Dragonlance: Dragons of War (Pt2)

Dragonlance: Dragons of War (Pt2)

The heroes have finally made it to the ancient fortress of The High Clerists Tower to help defend it from the rapidly approaching Blue Dragon Army and its mysterious commander. Things don't look all that good though, the defending force consists of a small force of Knights and infantry backed up by a rag-tag bunch of hastily recruited peasantry. The commander Lord Auric means well but probably should have retired years ago. Can our group save the day, find the other two pieces of Varus`s crown and work out how to use it or find some other way to save the day before the Draconians start climbing the walls? And if they do succeed will Draco`s grandma be even more mad at him?

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